Conservatory Roofs

When considering a conservatory, most people think about the size, the style, the colour and the detailing, then pay little attention to the glazing. The commonly held view is, glazing is glazing – believe it or not there are alternatives and you do have a choice! Specifically, We-Fit offers the following:


25mm Polycarbonate

Most modern conservatory roofs are glazed with 25mm polycarbonate. Not only is this material highly affordable, it also offers a number of benefits.

Polycarbonate remains stable at prolonged temperatures ranging from -20ºC to 100ºC and can be supplied in clear, opal, bronze and bronze/opal. A special coating protects the material from discolouring and surface wear.

The 35mm System

As an alternative to the 25mm roof system, the Formula One range has been complemented by the addition of the 35mm option.

By using Formula One’s 35mm thick polycarbonate roof glazing, which is 40% thicker than ordinary poly- carbonate, the roof will provide you with exceptional levels of thermal insulation, reduced sound transmission and unwanted glare, combined with high performance and minimal maintenance.

The systems’ ability to utilise this thicker glazing material makes the Formula One 35mm range the ultimate in quality and luxury.

The Glass Range

Due to its impressive aesthetic appeal, increased sound insulation and ease of maintenance, glass is becoming an increasingly popular choice for conservatory roofs.

A choice of high performance glass options is available both for the roof and the side frames. The glass units incorporate specialist coatings which enables the glass to help keep your conservatory cooler in summer (by reflecting excessive solar heat away) as well as warmer in winter (by deflecting heat from inside the home back into the property).

They can also provide an easy clean capability which allows water to run off the glass taking most of the dirt and grime with it.