Here we will answer those Frequently Asked Questions about your new uPVC Conservatory.

1. Is the company you are choosing reputable and financially sound?

It will certainly help you to know your money and even deposit is not going to a company on the verge of going bust. You can search any Limited Company at Companies House.

2. Do I need Planning permission?

 In October 2008 conservatory planning rules were relaxed; however, it’s still important to consult a firm who can advise you correctly. We-Fit can advise you fully or process your application if required.

3. Make it as large as you can?

Unless you know exactly what you will be using your conservatory for; an office type conservatory can be a lot smaller than one used as a family room. It’s great to have the option to change your conservatories as you choose; mark out the area of a new conservatory when designing and getting quotes. A few bits of wood and string will do and spend some time looking and thinking!

4. Guarantees are they worth anything?

It depends, there are some great conservatory installation companies out there; however they are few and far between; most are terribly under financed and thus able to disappear at any time and your guarantee will be worthless. So make sure they can offer you a guarantee which is insurance backed in the event they cease to trade; your guarantee is continued by the insurance company.

5. Are you choosing the right conservatory for your home?

Some conservatories look bolted on and spoil the house. At We-Fit we can help and advise you; we can even show you how your chosen conservatory might look on your house with our conservatory software.

6. What about Testimonials?

Ask the company for a copies of letters from satisfied customers beware both the one who tries to overwhelm you with bundles of letters often fictitious and the one who has none. Ask them if you could visit or contact one of there installations.

8. What about colour matched roof and Frames?

Often conservatory installation companies will buy the conservatory roof from one supplier and the window frames from another. In this instance it is virtually impossible to get the roof and the frames to colour match as they are different shades of white, which can be very annoying when you look at your conservatory! We-fit conservatories are a 100% colour matched.