Composite Doors


Composite doors installed by We-Fit are attractive, secure front doors which require very little maintenance and can often last up to 30 years. Composite Doors are made by bonding high impact fibreglass to an inner core of highly efficient insulating foam, resulting in a strong, durable front door with a high-quality finish, which will also keep your home warm.

There are a wide range of contemporary and traditional designs to choose from, such as a cottage-style front door with a tongue and groove effect, doors with 2 panes of glass in the top half and 2 panels in the bottom half or Stable doors, where the top half of the door can be opened for ventilation and fresh air whilst the bottom half remains closed. We also install Double doors, also known as French Doors. The majority of our door designs incorporate glass, some of which feature coloured glass, bevelled glass with eye-catching patterns or obscured glass to provide a level of privacy in your home.

We offer an almost limitless choice of RAL and Farrow & Ball colours and have recently introduced a new range of Pastel shades, with Pink doors being very popular in 2021. Most of the door frames we install are white, however, we can install a door frame in the same colour as your door. Every one of our front doors is made bespoke and can open to the left or right and whilst most front doors open inwards, we can install doors which open outwards, if preferred.

Our composite doors can be made up to 1,020mm wide and if fitted with our low aluminium threshold, they can be made up to 2,078mm high. If you are looking for a door which is taller or wider, have you considered a glazed panel to the side of your door or a fan light above?  One of the benefits of having a glazed side panel or fan light is that they allow plenty of natural daylight to flood your home, especially beneficial if you choose a door design with a small amount of glazing or a design without any glazing at all. 

The door sash itself is 44mm thick with a reinforced door outer-frame. As standard, every door is fitted with a secure multi-point lock operated by a Lever handle in a choice of Chrome, Gold, Satin, Bright Bronze, Antique Black, Graphite Grey, Black or White.

If you would prefer a Pull Bar on the outside of your door instead of a pair of Lever Handles, we would recommend the Winkhaus Wind Up Lock. When the door is latched, the door is locked and can only be opened with a key from the outside. From the inside the door is operated by a Thumb-turn which engages the top and bottom hooks to lock the door securely. Pull bar handles range in length from 400mm to 1800mm, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred length.

If you choose a more traditional door design, we can recommend placing your cylinder higher up the door for aesthetic appeal. This option is also popular with families with young children.

Composite Door Accessories


Available in Chrome, Gold, Satin, Bright Bronze, Antique Black, Graphite Grey, Black or White and fully spring loaded for easy use.

Door Knockers

Available in Chrome, Gold, Satin, Bright Bronze, Antique Black, Graphite Grey, Black or White and fully spring loaded for easy use.

Numerals & Letters

We can also supply numerals and letters in the same colours as our letterboxes. For added security, we can fit a security chain to the inside of your door in either Chrome or Gold.

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